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by Debbie Feltz, 2008 Volunteer of the Year

We went to Joy’s House this afternoon and had a great time. Indy was welcomed like a king! My most favorite memory was when we were in the back and one of the staff wheeled a woman in to say that she would like to say hi to Indy. She was not very responsive but, we hung there and I sat near her wheel chair so that Indy could get close. Her name is Miss Christie and she is hearing impaired. After a little while, the woman started signing! It was great. She and Indy started bonding and it was heart filling to know that my pup could connect with a precious one.

Since that day, my husband and I have continued to take Indy to Joy’s House. Yesterday, we were greeted with homemade doggy biscuits (that the guests made) and some of the guests gave them to Indy. Each time that we go, we meet both old and new friends and they love to spend a few minutes visiting with Indy.

We are thankful to God for this blessing of sharing our special boy with others.
Debbie, Bill, and Indiana Jones

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