Volunteer Covid-19 Guidelines

The following guidelines are to be followed IN ADDITION TO the guidelines and policies outlines in our Volunteer Handbook and any supplemental guidelines given by the organization or venue. These guidelines are to be followed indefinitely. Please follow the directions below. You must have a signed verification (Step 2) on file prior to being allowed to participate in any future volunteer opportunities.

Step 2: Provide your consent to the new terms using the verification form below.

  • I have read and understand these Guidelines for Volunteers and Venues During COVID-19 Outbreak. While Paws and Think, Inc. is taking steps to limit exposure to employees and volunteers from Covid-19, I understand that there is no way to decrease the risk of the disease to zero. Notwithstanding this risk, I wish to continue participating in my role as an employee or volunteer. I agree that Paws and Think, Inc. will not be responsible and I will hold Paws and Think, Inc. harmless if I contract Covid-19 while working or volunteering for Paws and Think, Inc.