Emily Dougherty

Paws to Read Program Coordinator

Emily Dougherty first got involved with Paws & Think in 2016 while working as the Librarian at Eleanor Skillen Elementary School (IPS 34). She was responsible for overseeing the Paws to Read program for the school and was inspired by the way the program helped children to grow academically and emotionally. “The kindness of the volunteers there was overwhelming, and they really made me fall in love with the organization,” she says, remembering many wonderful memories with the Paws to Read therapy teams who visited IPS 34. In April 2019, she joined Paws & Think as the Paws to Read Program Coordinator.

Emily’s experience running the Paws to Read program at IPS 34 gives her a unique insight to provide excellent support to our Paws to Read program partners. She graduated from Purdue University in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in English, and her career experience is predominately with youth and public service.

In her free time, Emily likes reading, geocaching, and taking her two dogs, Luna and Remi, to the park. Luna is a 1.5 year old Chiweenie (Dachsund/Chihuahua mix) from Far Fetched Rescue and Remi is a 3 year old MinPin mix from IndyHumane. She describes them as “rambunctious loving babies” that are unfortunately “not cut out to be therapy dogs.” Emily is excited to be able to work with therapy teams in her new role and comments on the “love and passion” that they brought to the Paws to Read program at IPS 34: “Even though I was not yet a part of Paws and Think, those volunteers made me feel like we were a little family.”

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