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Paws & Think therapy dogs love the snow! Watch as our furry friends enjoy the winter weather.

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We are so thankful to have been a grant finalist again this year for Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis. The funds they donated have gone a long way to help improve the mental health of those in our community.

Thank you, ladies of Impact 100!

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Our Youth-Canine program pairs youth from at-risk communities with shelter dogs for a weeklong training program using positive reinforcement methods. This teaches the kids important life skills while making the shelter dogs more adoptable.

Since 2013, our Youth-Canine programs have saved more than 300 dogs and positively impacted more than 600 teens. As Paws & Think volunteer Wendy Lane said, “It’s always a joy to see how excited the dogs and kids get to be together and how quickly a relationship develops.”

In addition to teaching the shelter dogs obedience skills, when long-term dogs need help getting adopted from the shelters, we work to provide incentives for adopters such as additional training classes, vet care, and more.

$5 purchases treats or a new toy for a shelter dog in the Youth-Canine program
$50 purchases a leash, collar, and harness for a shelter dog in the Youth-Canine program
$100 provides 1 hour of additional animal behaviorist support for a Youth-Canine graduate

Please consider making a donation so we can continue helping kids from at-risk communities build trust and confidence, and continue helping shelter dogs feel love and find homes into 2021. Donate at

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Dear Friend,

2020 has been a dark year for so many in our community. While the clouds rolled in, our therapy dogs and youth-canine programs shone bright rays of hope and comfort onto people experiencing their darkest moments.

When the pandemic began, we knew our services would be needed now more than ever before. Our volunteers, staff, and Board of Directors were up to the challenge of figuring out how to change our programming in order to continue shining our light while ensuring everyone’s safety.

With this came many new program plans. Some of these include holding virtual visits, providing outside parades, doing window visits, creating training videos, sending cards, making dog cutout images, creating uplifting videos, developing activity books, sharing story times, and much more.

What we learned is that this new programming takes more hours and resources to oversee, but the cost is worth it. It’s worth it because we have seen families break down and cry during distance visits after losing family members to Covid-19 and finding comfort in our furry therapists. We’ve seen our program partners cheer when they received one of our dog cutouts. We’ve heard sick, hospitalized children laugh for the first time in days while our therapy dogs showed off their skills during a virtual visit.

All of this matters.

Your support matters because it means we can keep doing this work while adjusting and overcoming obstacles in 2021. With your gift, you are ensuring that our programming won’t end. You’re ensuring that the comfort, hope, and light won’t stop. You’re making sure everyone who needs it will still get to benefit from the scientifically proven methods of Animal-Assisted Interventions.

We are hopeful for a brighter 2021. Until then, we will continue to bring the light to so many in our community who desperately need it.

Would you consider making a year-end donation to help us bring much needed light during this dark time? You can donate at

With light and hope,

Kelsey Burton
Executive Director, Paws and Think, Inc.

P.S. As part of the CARES Act, the IRS has made a special provision that allows people to easily deduct up to $300 in donations to charities like Paws and Think, Inc.

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When the pandemic began, we knew our services would be needed now more than ever before. Our volunteers, staff, and Board of Directors were up to the challenge of figuring out how to change our programming in order to continue bringing comfort and hope while ensuring everyone’s safety.

We need your help to continue serving our community when people need it most. Please donate today at

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Thank you to the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana for inviting us to participate in their virtual Philanthropy Day event. This is one of the videos we created for them, a Paws to Read story time with Lauren and Chloe.

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This is Violet’s story.

Having our therapy dogs with her during this challenging time has helped her find joy. As therapy dog handler Kathy Janes said, “giving someone a gift of a few minutes of happiness…it’s like seeing little miracles happen in front of you…and the dogs bring that.”

It takes $500 to cover expenses for each therapy team per year, and $250 allows Pas & Think therapy teams to visit 50 children in hospitals. To ensure that kids like Violet will have the comfort and support of our therapy dogs, please consider donating today. We need your help to ensure kids like Violet can find joy in their darkest moments.

Donate today at

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A huge thank you to Junior League of Indianapolis for choosing Paws & Think as a recipient of the $7,500 Community Assistance Grant. This will be a great help in the continuation and further development of the Paws to Read program!

Check out the full list of 2019-2020 grant recipients on their website.

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We have spirit, yes we do! We honked our appreciation in a volunteer and pup spirit parade around Ascension St. Vincent Hospital. The parade was led by our fearless Denison Shuttle driver and more than a dozen cars followed behind. Lots of fun was had by all as we made a loud loop around the hospital campus, showing our appreciation for the Healthcare Heroes inside.

Special thanks to Sally Mann and her two furry friends, pictured here, for participating!

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Happy holidays from all of us at Paws & Think!

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