Pet Therapy

(often referred to as Animal Assisted Activity/Therapy)

People with great dogs often want to share them with others in need of emotional support.

Some examples:

  • Children who are grieving the loss of someone specialHarriet and Luis
  • Children who need a non-judgmental listener as they read in order to improve their reading skills (literacy)
  • Children in schools who need to know how to prevent dog bites or care for pets responsibly
  • Children in hospitals who feel afraid and displaced
  • Seniors who enjoy the physical affection and social interaction of pets
  • Adults and children in physical or speech rehabilitation
  • Veterans and others with who have suffered physical and/or emotional trauma

Paws & Think offers basic and advanced classes for prospective teams, evaluates teams for visitation and therapy, and schedules visits with the venues who request our services.

If you are interested in volunteering your time (along with your dog) for one of the Animal Assisted Activity/Therapy Programs, please visit the AAAT Classes, Evaluation and Application page.

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