AAA/AAT Evaluation Process

If you are interested in volunteering your time (along with your pet) for one of our Animal Assisted Activity/Therapy Programs, please download and refer to the information and documents listed here. If you have further questions, please contact us.

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Volunteer Venues (Last Updated July 2015)

Items upon which you will be evaluated include:

  • Dog demonstrates safe/controlled greetings with people and other dogs
  • Dog is comfortable with stranger’s touch
  • Dog walks loosely on leash (without straining) in highly trafficked areas and areas with distractions (dog must stay beside or slightly behind person in all situations).
  • Dog should demonstrate basic obedience skills (Sit, Down, Stay for a minimum of two minutes and Come) under distractions and moving equipment (including movement in between the handler and the dog)
  • Dog ignores food on the floor and other objects as directed by the handler
  • Dog demonstrates restraint while entering and leaving buildings or thresholds

The Evaluation is given without treats (handler is encouraged to direct and praise the pet) and with only flat collars or training collars, such as Gentle Leaders, Halti Collars, all fabric Martingale collars, front attachment harnesses without metal (e.g., Easy Walk Harness is allowed). Metal D-Rings on collars and harnesses are the only metal allowed. Collars and leashes should be made of cloth or leather. Leashes should be 4’ in length (no flexi-leads). Choke chains, prong collars, or any slip lead collars are not allowed.

A copy of your pet’s vet records to document proof of current immunizations is required.

How do I know if my dog is ready for the Evaluation? Fill out this online form and we will provide you with an Assessment Tool to review. After completion of the Assessment Tool, our Coordinator will be in contact to discuss your next steps.

If you would like to schedule your dog for the Animal Assisted Activity Classes or Evaluation, please contact us and let us know you are interested, along with your name, your pet’s name, species and breed.

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