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If you are interested in volunteering your time (along with your pet) for one of the Animal Assisted Activity/Therapy programs, our next class begins on April 9th, 16th and 23rd! Please remember that prior to class, you will need to contact Carol Davenport at as well as complete and submit a screening tool.

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Paws & Think’s Therapy Programs were featured on Pet Pals TV on the February 19th episode. Watch the full episode below! (Our segment begins at the 15 minute mark.)

Pet Pals TV – February 19, 2011 from Indy ES Productions on Vimeo.

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dickenNever mind Nancy. My name is Dicken, and I am the one running the show! I adopted Nancy and Darrell through the English Cocker Spaniel Rescue group. It took me a little while to get them trained, but I finally got the job done. They are pretty much at my beck and call, and Nancy is very good about making beds and nests for me all over the house.

My hobbies are eating, sleeping and getting my belly patted. I am thorough about barking at every pedestrian who walks past our house, and the postman is very aware of me. I also enjoy periodic trips to the bank because they put a doggie treat in the drive-through cylinder. I lean waaaaay into the front seat while Nancy gets it out for me, and the teller finds me very charming. But there is nothing for me at the drive-through ATM. Can anyone explain that?

nancyNancy and Darrell are mostly retired, although Nancy does something called “consulting,” which is a good thing because sometimes when she comes home she brings me treats! She seems to be very excited about Paws and Think, so keep those biscuits coming!


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On February 17th, our trainer Kevin Knartzer and his dog Ruddy appeared on IndyStyle to discuss our Pet Therapy programs. Check out the segment in the video below!

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